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The Jurassic Coast, Devon.


Jurassic Coast 

A recent road trip to Devon and Cornwall taking in parts of the Jurassic Coast.

A UNESCO world heritage site its not hard to understand why once you have visited. You can read more of its fascinating history by clicking this link.  The plan was to head for Lyme Regis but as the weather was good and a Bank Holiday weekend to boot it was packed. Stopped long enough though to catch a pic along the beach. Heading off we happened upon a quaint and quintessentially English village where I stopped to buy a paper and I reckoned if you want to find where the locals go to avoid the crowds what better than to ask. the shop keeper. Helped by her grandson they both conversed between themselves for a few minutes one suggestion this place and the other that until they both settled on Tyneham.

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (1)

Lyme Regis Coastline

I had seen any mention of Tyneham on the list of places to  visit along the Jurassic coast so was immediately fascinated. It turned out to be far more intriguing than I could initially have imagined, or hoped for. It transpired that Tyneham had been evacuated by order of the war office in December 1943. The abandoned village of Tyneham has stood quiet, ghostly and forlorn since. You can read more of the fascinating history of this place by clicking this link. Access is not always available and the entire area around it is still used today as a military firing and practice range. During military  maneuvers the road is closed to traffic, best to check in advance if it is open. Luckily for me the road was open on the day I visited.

As a consequence, whilst all other places along the Jurassic coast were crowded, Tyneham was virtually empty apart from the savvy locals we joined. A beautiful place with a few pictures below to prove it!

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (2)

Passed this bridge along the way to the Jurassic coast in Devon

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (3)

The Coastline at the abandoned village of Tyneham

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (4)

Fields of wild garlic in full flower, pungent stuff!

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (5)

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (6)

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (7)

The scheduled beach Tyneham on the Jurassic Coast.

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (8)

The Jurassic Coast Devon UK (9)



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