The Roaches, Staffordshire, The Peak District

Day Tripping in The Peak District

Having lived in Manchester for many years now and having spent any spare time, and nice weather weekends, exploring the Lake District and The Peak District I felt sure I had found, visited, and seen, pretty much every place of note. How wrong was I. Recently whilst preparing for the visit of some friends from London I fired off an email to Geoffrey, one of my visitors, asking where himself and his partner Alan might like to visit, should the weather be favourable.

My suggestion was either to be the Lake District, or The Peak District, both being a comfortable drive from Manchester for a day trip. When Geoff replied saying he would like to visit The Roaches I was slightly confused, initially thinking he had friends he wanted to visit. Inquiring further, he told me it was a place in The Peaks he had visited with his brother some 20 years ago on a bike trip around the UK. Needless to say I was intrigued, and more so, stunned, when we visited. A breath-taking and beautiful piece of landscape steeped in fine history.

The Roaches


On a clear day like this one the views across the countryside to as far as Cheshire and a wondrous sight.


Weather worn gritsone stands sculptural amid this landscape


This is also a very popular spot for mountaineering with many climbers using it for training purposes.  The British Mountaineering Council also lease the Don Whillans Hut used as accommodation for its climbers.


Geoff a dance movement therapist in London likes to connect with the landscape find out more by clicking the link at the base of this post.


The View













Sheep on stepsThis sheep has obviously discovered the best grazing spots!

Facts, info and conatcts

Find out more about The Roaches by clicking this link.

Find out more about Dance Movement Therapy by clicking this link

Find out more about the fascinating history of The Wallaby Colony by clicking this link


Find out more about the British Mountaineering Council by clicking this link

Find out more about the Don Whillans Hut by clicking this link

There is also a great little tea rooms/restaurant on the approach road which I can heartily recommend, very good coffee along with a range of teas including herbal and green teas, cakes,  and excellent selection of Staffordshire Oatcakes, yummy. More info can be found about The Roaches Tea Rooms and restaurant by clicking this link

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