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Leaving Utah, USA Road Trip Denver to San Francisco.

Road trip continues, leaving Utah and the Canyonlands across the deserts of Nevada alomg the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Road Trip Nevada Desert by David Keegan (31)

Leaving Cedar City Utah along Freeway 15 we have a long day’s drive ahead. The road trip continues with this leg taking us through proper desert. My kinda fun if a little scary!! Leaving the Freeway just past Cristal onto highway 93, the road sign reads: No Fuel Food or Truck Stops next 150 miles be sure you have full tank of gas, drinking water and that the car is in good order.


Road Trip Nevada Desert by David Keegan (2)

Road Trip Nevada Desert by David Keegan (3)

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Road Trip USA South Park

South Park

A Mining Town in Denver Colorado.

Having been an avid fan of westerns when I was growing up this place absolutely fascinated me. My head was filled with the sounds to match the objects, and so many of them were as I imagined they should be. What I love about this place is its absolute authenticity. It is not Disney or disneyfied. Rather it’s as if all its inhabitants one day got up and left leaving everything behind just as it was.

I can hear the sounds of the train bell ringing out awakening the town to its presence the stem billowing in a loud puff as its engines rev ready to pull out.

Southpark, Denver Colarado In Pictures (1)

South-Park news

Southpark, Denver Colarado In Pictures (2)

Stags head and phone The Saloon Bar

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Road trip USA, Denver Colarado to San Francisco, Calafornia

Road trip (Part 1) Denver Colorado 

The Rocky Mountains and the Denver prairie.

I have always loved road trips, but hate traffic and traffic filled roads, so where do you head to find the clear open road? Across the desert in the USA where you find mile after mile of virtually traffic free straight line travel from mountain range to mountain range. This road trip took me from Denver in Colorado, through the Canyon-lands of Utah, and on into the deserts of Nevada across the extra-terrestrial highway, into California through Yosemite National Park, and finally driving down into San Francisco, but not before stopping off to visit Jan’s ranch in Jamestown CA. (friend of a friend).  All in all the trip took 7 days with 2 of those spent visiting a friend in Denver, (thank you Carolyn for your warm hospitality, and yes i left a message in the visitors book 🙂 This first lot of pictures  taken in Denver where i also had the good fortune to visit a town called South-Park, I kid you not, I can now say I have been to South Park, but probably not as you know it.!! All will be revealed in post 2.
In the meantime hope you enjoy the first lot of pictures, and many more to come!!
Colarado Rocky Mountains and Plains (1) Pictures by David Keegan 2015-001
 Snow tipped  Rocky Mountain view
Colarado Rocky Mountains and Plains (15) Pictures by David Keegan 2015-001
Antique and abandoned Hay Tedder

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