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A Travel Blog Guide in pictures Ronda in Andalusia Spain

Day tripping Ronda, Andalucía, Spain, a travel blog in pictures,mainly!

If you are planning on travel to Andalucía and are staying in either Malaga, or Marbella for that matter, then at the very least a day trip to Ronda should be on your trip list. If you use the toll roads, as we did, from Malaga you can quite easily get there in about an hour and a half. Well worth the trip if the sun is shining and the sky blue. The old town is utterly charming with spectacular views. The City of Ronda is situated on two hills divided by a deep ravine (El Tajo de Ronda) containing the Grande River, which is an affluent of the Guadiaro River. The ravine is crossed by several bridges, notably an arch structure 300 feet (90 metres) high built in 1761. The town occupies the site of an ancient Iberian settlement and was known in Roman times as Acinipo. It was occupied by the Moors from the 8th to the 15th century, when it was reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, on May 20, 1485. Both Roman and Moorish remains survive, including a Roman theatre and an underground staircase (restored in 1911) built from the town to the river by the Moors to prevent water blockades in times of war. Spain’s oldest bullring, a stone Neoclassical structure (c. 1785), is also found in Ronda; it is now a museum.

There are well located metal street maps throughout the old town.

The city of Ronda is one of the oldest in Spain and occupies the site of an ancient Iberian settlement and  known in Roman times as Acinipo.

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