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Travel Guide to Malaga, Andalucia, Spain

My picture travel blog guide & Top 11 things I learned about Malaga

It’s that time of the year in the UK when the days seem interminably short and skies too often a leaden grey and streets awash with rain. Of course with airlines such as Ryan Air offering  fantastically cheap flights to any number of EU destinations why would you stay amidst the gloom. Given that about 95% of the time it’s actually cheaper to go abroad on holiday than it is to stay in the UK and that’s even after you factor in the Brexit effect on our currency the benefits of abroad still stack up. So I searched out a good deals in locations where  there was a reasonable chance of catching some rays and warming heat of the sun on my face and landed on Malaga.

Not having been to Malaga before it felt like a bit of a gamble, more so as the that part of Spain is not generally known for its high culture and there was always the danger of a plane load of hens and stags. There were some, but they all seemed to be headed further down the coast, maybe to Marbella and Fuengirola as there was little evidence of party people on the streets of Malaga day or night. In fact Malaga turned out to be an unexpected revelation and is now on my list of top favorite European cities, although that would most likely just apply outside the main holiday seasons as I’m sure it must get pretty packed during high season. Never mind, the weather was glorious for the four days I was there, just the sort of relief needed from the grey sludge of Manchester in January.

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